For any further query on the adler jewellery design award, please contact us


Q.    Can I register to the adler jewellery design award even if I do not fulfil all registration requirements?
A.    You may ask for a waiver if you contact as soon as possible; you should explain why you are not eligible and why you would still like to participate.

Q.    Can I create a jewel with more than one of the stones selected by adler?
A.     No, you must choose only one of the three stones. However, you may add gemstones and material of your choice to your creation; the only limit is this of your imagination.

Q.    What should I do if I have technical difficulties in registering or uploading my project?
A.    You can contact and explain the problem you encountered. Please also include the name and version of the web browser you use.

Q.    Can I submit more than one drawings of my project?
A.    No, you may submit only one drawing of one jewel. Choose the best one, the one that makes your design really shine.

Q.    Can I submit three different designs, for each of the three sets of stones?
A.    No, only one project per person can be submitted. Choose the stone that inspires you most among the three sets of diamonds offered.

Q.    In which format should I submit my project?
A.    Projects must be submitted in jpg format; the size of the file should not exceed 2 Mo.

Q.    Is there any limitation in the type of jewel I will to create?
A.    No. You may create any type of jewel you want, as long as it is a jewel that can be worn by a woman. It is totally up to your creativity.